All interested race enthusiast and members of this club are encouraged to add information to this website, including pictures with a description of each. You may do this  via email to a  Board Members of this club,   MRHA . If you have the pictures on paper, bring them to the meeting and they will be returned to you at the following meeting or mailed back to you. 
The Board Member then will forward the additional information to the Web Master at:

List of Board Members to be submitted later....

 Agenda MRHA Meeting

Tuesday  February 6.   2024


1347 Beville Road

Daytona Beach, FL

Food Service – 11:00 am

Meeting @ Noon


1)January’s Minutes for Approval – Whitney

2) Treasurer’s Report for Approval – Kathleen Knox

3) President’s Comments - Steve

4) MSHFA – Dave Seyse

5) 10 minutes with Dick Hildebrand

6) Dan – Words of wisdom

7) Last comments/Louie’s on March 12th

. Adjourn