All interested race enthusiast and members of this club are encouraged to add information to this website, including pictures with a description of each. You may do this  via email to a  Board Members of this club,   MRHA . If you have the pictures on paper, bring them to the meeting and they will be returned to you at the following meeting or mailed back to you. 
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MINUTES OF MEETING OF MRHA MARCH 12, 2024 Meeting was held at Louie’s Pizza House

13 members were present

. Dave called meeting to order at 12:00 pm.

Minutes were not read Secretary was absent Treasurer report read and approved MSHFA-

Dave told members that he resigned from volunteering Event updates-Beach parade at North Turn on February 10th had 71 cars participating the Napier 48 was on display, Drive In Church had a good turnout but unable to drive them on beach, Garage opening we had 30 people tour garage on February 16th due to rain unable to open on the 17th . Update on Johnny Kaeserman on hold for now-Stinky and I were to meet him for lunch. He had to cancel. His business partner died suddenly and shop is very busy and running things on his own. No words of Wisdom Dan was absent. Meeting was adjourned by Dave at 12:30-next meeting at Louie’s on April 9th Kathleen Knox, Acting Secretary


Agenda MRHA Meeting Tuesday April 9th, 2024

LOUIE’S PIZZA HOUSE 1347 Beville Road Daytona Beach, FL Food Service – 11:00 am Meeting @ Noon

1) David Seyse calls the meeting to order

2) March minutes and treasurers reports for approval – Kathleen

3) President’s business - Steve

4) Lunch Bunch - Ron

5) Wisdom from Dan

6) Last comments anyone

7) Adjourn – next meeting May 14th at Louie’s